Drinking water supply and sanitation specialist

Founded in the north west of France and spreading to Normandy, Pays de la Loire and Brittany through its 6 local branches, since 1998 Billmat Canalisations has been the preferred contact for water, sanitation and drinking water supply network professionals. As an integral member of the SAMSE group and a distributor of building materials, Billmat Canalisations boasts a technical culture that each of its men and women do their utmost to uphold at the branches in Colombelles, Rennes, Coutances, Rouen, Vire and Guingamp.

With a range of products and services dedicated to water and sanitation, Billmat Canalisations manages 12,000 items in its storage facilitises, which range in size from 1300m² to 8400m² depending on the branch, to meet your project needs. Over the years and through its expertise and experience, Billmat has been able to build a solid reputation based on:

  • Its skills which come from its technical culture
  • Its responsiveness in terms of deliveries, thanks to its substantial logistical fleet, made up of 8 goods vehicles and 6 crane trucks which can deliver 12ml pipes
  • Its quality as a stockist, bolstered by the efficiency of the RFSEAU group platform
  • Site assistance and technical support
  • A relationship based on trust by remaining your preferred partner for ensuring the success of your projects
  • A strong network of partners to meet all of your needs in terms of pipes, connectors and fitting techniques, particularly for trenchless operations.

In an effort to continue its development, expand its network and offer pooled solutions to its customers, Billmat Canalisations has joined forces with 4 other brands in the SAMSE group to create the RFSEAU network. Together with Christaud, Vaudrey, BTP Distribution and SIMC, Billmat Canalisations is committed to strengthening the RFSEAU network, adhering to a common charter and offering customers shared services.

The RFSEAU network charter comprises:

  • Continuous training of employees to make them the specialists of tomorrow
  • Expert advice
  • Dedicated stock and services
  • An efficient logistics service

They all share an ambition to build the future and the solutions of tomorrow for sanitation and drinking water networks while:

  • Respecting others by valuing the men and women of the network
  • Respecting the environment while protecting it and committing to reducing their carbon footprint
  • Building the future while respecting the interests of our customers

Key figures for 2018



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