Water supply and drinking water distribution specialist

Founded in 1766 as a Grenoble foundry named PASCAL, Christaud adopted its current name in 1946 when it was acquired by Mr Christaud. It specializes in the manufacture of bronze taps and operates as a trader. Over the years it has focused on specialized trading operations in the field of water networks. It aims to provide equipment for water supply and drinking water distribution networks, but also for gravity and pressurized sanitation.
It began by developing its activity in the Grenoble region, where it is headquartered, before expanding across the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, bolstered by its know-how and expertise.

Its inclusion in the SAMSE group in 1988 marked a turning point in its development, becoming the group’s main reference point in specialist trading in the water sector.

In order to meet the needs of water professionals, Christaud is gaining strength through 3 entities:

  • CHRISTAUD, specializing in drinking water networks, ​sanitation
  • CHRISTAUD INDUSTRIE, specializing in industrial networks​
  • MCA (Measure Control Analysis), specializing in metrology, data transmission and leak detection.​

Building its reputation on the know-how of its experts who are serving water professionals on a daily basis, Christaud provides the water supply solutions and products of tomorrow to support those in the water industry with asset management, energy transition and resource conservation.

Our company is constantly on the lookout for new technologies and is wholeheartedly committed to offering current and future innovations every day.

The company has always been a specialist in water supply equipment and solutions, drawing its strength from:

  • The skills of its technicians, who are always ready to help
  • Unparalleled stock of 12,000 items to meet the needs of water professionals
  • Proper project support based on logistics tailored to each need
  • A trucking service with a fleet of trucks suited to all worksite configurations
  • A large fleet of light vehicles to meet your unforeseen needs and guarantee emergency delivery
  • A local service through branches located close to you

Today, Christaud is an integral part of the RFSEAU network, along with BillMat Canalisations, BTP Distribution, SIMC and Vaudrey. This group aims to provide the best quality service to all players in the water industry in France and shares the same values:




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