Réseau Français des Spécialistes de l’EAU [The French network of water specialists] CHARTER

This charter is the foundation of our group. It outlines the firm commitments that we make to our customers, suppliers and employees. It also describes our missions as well as the expertise and values that we rely upon.

Internally, the charter provides employees within our respective brands with guidelines for our actions and working methods in accordance with the direction of the group. Thanks to their involvement in the group as well as their adherence to our values, they are the ambassadors of the Réseau Français des Spécialistes de l’EAU. Each and every individual participates in and contributes to the achievement of its objectives.

Our mission


Launched in 2016, RFSEAU was created to bring together all of the drinking water specialist brands of the Samse group. RFSEAU aims to structure and coordinate actions at national level to provide our customers with an exclusive offer.

Given that the delivery of water is a public utility, through its approach, which is unique in France, the group wishes to facilitate the commercialization of a range of products dedicated to the supply and distribution of drinking water.

With this objective in mind, human, financial and logistical resources are pooled in order to provide the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. As such, each branch commits to complying with the rules defined by the group.

Our commitment

Offering cost-effective solutions that ensure the sustainability of networks and the quality of water.


Our expertise

Offering a specialist distributor service means choosing to differentiate yourself with an approach which is entirely focused on a single line of business, the water cycle.

In order to fulfill our commitments, our teams rely on efficient logistics with a platform that guarantees the supply of branches while benefiting from an extensive range of partner suppliers.

Meanwhile, the product range meets just two main criteria: quality and compliance with standards.

Thanks to our professional specialization and our desire to set ourselves apart, our teams of experienced men and women will assist you every step of the way to ensure the successful execution of your projects:


From the study phase, our teams provide advice and establish a global solution for the client.

During the project, our teams assist the project manager to ensure optimum execution, namely: assisting, delivering and adapting as the project progresses.

Our mission continues beyond the completion of the project, as we provide training to ensure the perfect operation of the equipment.

Our values







Role Model

Our commitments to customers

Business relationships built on trust

Distribution of equipment
and solutions

  • Joint commitment by distributor and manufacturer for promotion, training and support for the perfect implementation and operation of the product.
  • Offering sustainable, innovative and cost-effective solutions for the asset management of the network.
  • Distribution of products that exclusively adhere to the applicable standards.
  • Availability of complete product ranges for networks up to DN 300.

Offer a range of specific services

  • Equipment rental service for the use of products or operation of the network.
  • Possible obligation within the context of the agreement for the provision of our stock.
  • Access to a digital platform for document management and to a selection of public procurement contracts.

Specialist advice

  • Technical support for the project from the feasibility study phase through to the delivery of the project and beyond with recommendations for the perfect network operation.
  • .Presentation of new technology and support solutions to aid understanding of developments.

Continuous training

  • Regular training for all of our employees to ensure that you receive the best possible support.
  • Training on products, processes and changes in standards is provided to operators by a certified organization or manufacturer.

Logistics at your service

  • A central platform for branches and customers (weekly or on-demand delivery)
  • A high-performance transport offering to support you as close to your sites as possible.

A responsible approach

  • Awareness and investment in reducing our carbon footprint and waste.
  • Selection of manufacturers who are committed to a sustainable environmental approach.

Our commitments to our employees

for newcomers

  • Integration kit for the manager.
  • Support from a mentor.
  • An assessment of their level of knowledge.


      • Technical training about the profession.
      • Commercial training on the use of tools and procedures.
      • e-learning.

    Social commitment

    Respect for people

    • Valuing men and women in the company: dialog, sharing and listening.
    • Recognizing and developing talent: training, internal promotion, integration and local management.
    • Promoting equal opportunities and preventing all forms of discrimination: promoting diversity in terms of backgrounds, cultures and origins (particularly for those who have more difficulty finding employment: young people, seniors , disabled people).

    Respect for the environment

    • Protecting the environment through our activities: reducing our consumption and minimizing our environmental impact.
    • Committing to reducing our carbon footprint impact and making employees aware of environmental issues.
    • Promoting social responsibility amongst our suppliers and subcontractors: eco-responsible purchasing, respecting labor law.

      Building the future

      • Respecting the interests of our customers: demonstrating innovation in order to meet the expectations of our customers in partnership with our suppliers, who are ideally local.
      • Adopting a corporate citizen approach: supporting humanitarian or community projects by involving employees through the SAMSE group foundation.
      • Developing social responsibility: contributing to human and economic development in regions where the Group operates.

      Our commitments to our partners

      business relationships

      • Partnering with manufacturers who share our approach to customer service
        • Shared commitment to customer service.
        • Trust and sharing of knowledge.
        • Technological innovations to benefit performance.
      • The willingness to make recommendations and assist the manufacturer in the process of promoting the product to the end customer.
      • Highlighting the brand of the manufacturer partner in all of our communication materials (catalogs, websites, etc.).
      • The solvency of the group
        • Payment guarantee in accordance with current practices.

      Respect for our distributor

      • Willingness to store and distribute
        • Modern and efficient logistics platform based on the group’s expertise.
        • Substantial stock in branch tailored to the technical specificities of each region, but with a common core powered by the platform.
      • Ability to organize logistics at an international level
        • Ability to manage international logistical flows (FOB).
        • Expertise in payment solutions.